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BT has developed a cooperative relationship with Live Edge Woodworks on Whidbey Island, WA to inventory and purvey these magnificent old growth slabs. Kim Hoelting from Live Edge Woodworks is the person responsible for developing this resource and making beautiful products with this resource that have been sent all over the world. He has more Douglas fir and western red cedar slabs in his possession than any other wood junkie in North America. Kim is glad that BT can inventory his slabs and use their creativity and skills to make the live edge slabs into something useful in more geographic areas than the west coast.

BT inventories Douglas fir slabs and western red cedar slabs that originally come from the western side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. These slabs are sawed from logs that may have been snags, stumps, windfall, beach salvage, logging debris, and standing dead trees. Another source of logs are trees that are larger than 38’’ in diameter since most mills have downsized their sawing capacity to logs under 36’’ diameters and can no longer process these larger diameter logs. These trees come from one of the greatest old growth forests that America has ever seen.

BT inventories slabs up to 5’ in diameter and 22’ long. Slabs don’t have to be large to be unique. Some slabs have unique characteristics (shape, natural defects and holes, forks, and unique knots)

BT also inventories alder slabs from the Pacific Northwest, Alaskan yellow cedar and Sitka spruce slabs from SE Alaska and has access to hardwood slabs (black walnut, red and white oak) and exotic slabs from overseas.