Our Live Edge Slabs…

Live edge slabs are just giant pieces of wood until one puts a base under them which allows them to become useful to our lives. Bases can be really simple or can be as interesting as the slab is.  Bases can be made of wood, steel, stone, concrete, glass, and even found items. Bases can be an object of beauty themselves whether they are traditional, modern, funky, natural, industrial, an adaptive reuse, or some sort of engineering statement!

BT is uniquely suited in base building because of its ability to work with all these different materials. BT has great fun when different materials are used in interesting, but appropriate combinations. Check out some of the bases we’ve done over the years on all kinds of tables. These pictures might stimulate some ideas for a live edge furniture project with BT.


Custom-Crafted-Base.jpgCustom Crafted Table Base, Through Pipe Base with Riveted Edges_Montana.jpgCustom Crafted Table Base, Gear Configuration_Montana.jpgCustom Crafted Table Base, Plasma Laser Cut Steel Design_Montana .jpglive_edge_furniture_4.jpgDining-Table-.jpgOak Base.jpglive_edge_furniture3.jpglive_edge_furniture_9.jpglive_edge_4.jpglive_edge_furniture_8.jpglive_edge_furniture_base.jpglive_edge_furniture_14.jpglive_edge_6.jpglive_edge_furniture_base_2.jpglive-edge-wood-metal-base.jpglive-edge-table-wood-base.jpglive-edge-table-base-leafspring.jpglive-edge-furniture-base2.jpglive_edge_furniture_base_metal.jpglive-edge-table-base.jpglive-edge-table-base-metal.jpgbase-live-edge-stone-and-tree.jpg