Big Timberworks Inc. has been working with big, unique and rare logs and timbers since its inception in 1983. BT is more than a timber framing company as it has added a sawmill, architectural woodworking and metalworking shops, and design/build capabilities since its origin. At the heart of all these endeavors are very skilled and experienced people: muscled timber craftsmen, gnarled knuckled woodworkers, big forearmed welders/fabricators/blacksmiths, swarthy sawmillers, CAD jockeys, and of course, our starry eyed cape wearing designers and architects. Throughout the years, Big Timberworks has been known and widely recognized for incorporating interesting materials into its various projects by these tremendously talented people!  Check out our projects at bigtimberworks.com.

It was no great surprise that BT has developed sources for this beautiful live edge lumber and has been using it in many applications that accentuates its positive qualities. When many woodworking concerns are figuring out ways to glue small boards together to form big pieces of wood, Big Timberworks has taken the exact opposite approach. Celebrate the tree by keeping it whole!