Live edge wood is so unique because it shows a cross section slice of a tree and gives clues about its time on earth. One can see years that were dry and years that were wet.  One can see when the tree was starved of sunlight (growth rings are smaller) and then one can see when the canopy was thinned either by nature or by man and the growth rings became larger. There may  be evidence of disease, fire, or possibly damage by man or nature.  One can view the sapwood and cambium layer of the tree where moisture and nutrients were transported between the roots and the needles.

Many of us are drawn to nature in some way and having a slice of a tree as part of our daily world serves as a nice contrast to the high-speed, high-tech world we live in. What could be more inspiring and uplifting than dining or meeting around an actual cross section of a tree? We hope you’ll be inspired to ‘live life outside the box’  by using live edge wood to make live edge furniture!